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used a friend as my stand-in [26 Apr 2006|12:09pm]
i dreamt last night that i did a beer bong with ben gibbard (singer for death cab for cutie).

who wants to interpret that?

i wish my roommate knew how to clean. of course, i'm leaving before her (tomorrow) so i'm going to have to do all the cleaning. i wish i could find a fucking vacuum around here! ack.

can't wait to leeeeaaaaaaaaveeeeeeeeee. tomorrow at 6:30 i check out. yesss.
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she has my mcdreamy, my mcdog...my mclife! [24 Apr 2006|07:07pm]
[ mood | amused ]

the ipod keeps dying. dying, not in the sense of the battery, but in the sense that a sad little ipod face keeps popping up in the screen. err. i can't live without mah pod. i don't want to "invest" 300 bucks for a new one. that's unfathomable at the moment. eek. oh man. at a time like this where i need my ipod most...damn finals week.

speaking of finals, latin is tomorrow. what a relief that will be when it's over. no more latin. ever. ever. ever. i'm going back to espanol. hooray. i'm actually quite excited. gvsu has a really good language program. so, for the billionth time, i've changed my academic foci...anthro major, spanish minor...for now. that could change. i don't know whhy, but in the back of my mind, something keeps poking at me to go into pre-med. err. maybe that's because it's what my fam wants. hmm.

i downloaded these two odd postal service b-sides and they're...eerie. hmm.

i wish everyday was a death cab for cutie concert. oh it was so good. so very very good.

who wants to go to this with meee? 3 days of bliss. what a way to end the summer.

hmm. taking 8 credits this summer might be a tad insane. especially since they condense the classes into 12 weeks? i don't know. spanish and anthropology. hmm. i really need to get back into the swing of spanish because here they teach totally in spanish. eek. not ready for that. but my teacher's name for spanish 202 next year is FABIO. on ratemyprof.com it says he's hot. with a name like fabio, who wouldn't be hot. really.

i was just watching dane cook on dave attell's insomniac tour...ahhh soo funny. and i love youtube because they have pretty much everything. except for death cab's performances on SNL...grr.

i've watched this about 8 times. oh ben gibbard. and chris walla. and nick harmer. and jason mcgerr. oooh.

ho hum. i guess i should study some latin.
everyone should listen to all-time quarterback. ben gibbard's solo project from awhile ago...it's interesting, to say the least.

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wow. [10 Apr 2006|11:38pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i chatted with my dad a couple days ago about how i've been running everyday and whatnot. he told me it was great and that my goal should be 5 miles by the end of the summer. i made that goal realistic by taking it down to 3. sheesh.

well today my sister tells me that jesal and her are going to do this and want me to do it too. so. 5k. by june 10. i think i can do it...hehe. i just gotta step my workout up a bit. i think i'll start running on the treadmill now rather than the track so i can keep track a little better. hmm. so that's exciting. hooray. and i found this too and i think we're gonna do it! 8 miles...eeek! but i do love mackinac island sooo much...

i'm really very excited for the summer.
hopefully i'll get healthy with all this running rather than dying of a heart attack.
that sounds good.

ooh, about 16 days left. it's becoming dreadfully evil around here. it's like it will never end. i think we're going to the beach on thursday. 65+ degrees here all week! woot. today was gorgeous. it was so weird seeing so many people outside. i wish the beach wasn't 18 miles away. grr. i'd run there. but i don't want to die. eesh.

my suitemate is listening to cake - short skirt/long jacket. random, considering a week or two ago she invited me to participate in her all michael jackson dance party. iccccck.

this weekend was a bit sketchy. went to the yellow house for a party. was ok at first because the drink was uber good (everyone thought it was too strong, but the first thing they told us when we got there was "only have like 3 cups, because you'll be wasted by then). ok. i had around 2.5...kinda lost count cause everyone kept pouring theirs into mine. eh. pink drink. really good. anyway, there was dancing which was fine for awhile and then there was more awkwardness that ended in me and trish running around the house screaming our heads off. weeeird. but then bad. bad. bad. la policia came and everyone started freaking out and we all traveled into the basement. we ended up getting out but we were just wandering down lake michigan drive for awhile and a couplle blocks down we found more party people hiding out behind a bank. when they saw us, they were acting like it was a natural disaster or something. "look!! more survivors!" ha. other than that, the night was just weird. i think that's probably one of the last college parties i'll be going to this year...they've all been kinda dumb. overrated. at least the ones i've been to. blah. hmm.

more latin homework to do. erg. i'm rethinking my classics minor. i don't know if i can take another year of latin, which makes me sad because latin is all i've been wanting to take for years, but now that i know the true ugly face of it, i want to get as far away as possible. errrrrg.

ooooh. maybe i'll study abroad in new zealand with the kiwis.

or ireland with the guinness-saturated men.


vale. (farewell in latin. pronounced wah-lay).


[07 Apr 2006|01:50am]
so i've started running as a way to relieve my perpetual bad mood.
well, it goes away for awhile, then comes back.
i've been doing a lot of running lately.

i can't wait to get out of here.

p.s. clubbing sucks.
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she cried "more more MORE!" [01 Apr 2006|12:13pm]
[ mood | tired ]

Four jobs you have had in your life:
1. babysitter
2. state farm insurance (shoot me)
3. jerry's club party store stock person (current job, ugh)
4. hmm, still working at my dad's store and probably will be forever....

Four movies you would watch over and over:
1. fight club
2. slc punk
3. shakespeare in love
4. a clockwork orange

Four places you have lived:
1. detroit
2. grosse pointe woods
3. allendale
4. ...

Four TV shows you love to watch:
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Project Runway
3. Viva La Bam
4. daily show with jon stewart/colbert report

Four places you have been on vacation:
1. london
2. cananananda
3. a lot of the states...
4. ...uhm....more of canananada?

Four websites I visit daily:
1. hotmail.com
2. livejournal.com
3. facebook.com
4. weather.com

Four of my favorite foods:
1. the homemade filipino food made by my second cousin Flor (she's like 60 and is the goddess of cooking)
2. la shish
3. mac and cheese
4. chinese fooood

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. in bed
2. Rome
3. Amsterdam
4. incubus concert

Four people I am tagging that I think will respond...
1. no one
2. kim
3. ann
4. elena

Four things I always carry with me:
1. cell phone
2. iPod
3. debit card
4. student id/keys/flash drive which are all on the same key ring...

hahaha i'm listening to weezer's "dusty gems and raw nuggets" and undone the sweater song is semi-awful. heh. maybe i just really the the version on the blue album, but eek, it's really very odd. i recommend a listen. it's really amusing. i love weezer, just not new weezer. ick.

i half want to be here at home and half want to be up at school, but since i really can't stand the thought of even being around my roommate, i'm glad i'm here. too bad the weather is a tad crummy. i needed to go over to the cemetery today to take pictures, but i'm not too sure i'll be doing that, especially since i'm afraid ti might rain down on my pretty pretty camera.

i had a craving to whip out a slip and slide yesterday and slip and slide til my heart was content. seeing that i don't own a slip and slide, and our backyard is covered in dog crap, i obviously didn't. hmmph.

only 26 more days. yesssssssssssssssss. then after that i have 3 weeks of rest and then i'm thrown back into more schooling. greaaaaaat.

i wish i didn't have to work/go to school this summer. i found a couple field schools i wanted to go to, but they're expensive and last for like a month...oh, how i wish i could go on an archaeological dig. so awesome.

latin is the thorn in my side that just keeps digging deeper. but now we've learned every tense of the verb! fantastic. i don't think we have any more declensions either, thank buddha. ugh.

last night was amusing...went to the wings game vs. the blackhawks (this team is battling for last place in their division with st. louis). what a lackluster game. i mean, it's always awesome to go see the wings busting a move right in front of you, but it wasn't as exciting as it could have been, especially toward the end. we lost. pfft. but my sister and i sat together and we were saying how whenever yzerman gets hit or creamed by someone, we cringe. i was just waiting for his leg to fall off. at the end of the game, he got pummeled over and was just kneeling on the ice and my sister and i screamed, "STEVIE!!" ha. oh stevie. we love him.

so we all know that popov vodka is 80 proof. or at least i do. yesterday at the game i saw a guy with a wings jersey that said on the back popov and the number was 80. haaaaa. my sister and i got a kick out of it, but everyone else was like, uh...

today is not going to be too enjoyable. working from 3-9. ick. after that should be cool, going to see barker's game with allie. la la la.

i'm kinda annoyed at my parents. when my sister turned 19, she got to go to canada with her buds. do i? nope. fan-fucking-tastic! they flip out at both me and my sister when we even mention the idea. something about my sister corrupting me with alcohol. riiiiiiiight. what the hell.

i think my ipod is slowly dying. i'll cry the day it stops working. hmm. i don't know if i really like the newer ones. the whole video thing is kinda goofy. eh.

gotta go for a run before work. blah.


[29 Mar 2006|01:23am]
[ mood | frustrated ]

i've been doing latin homework for 3.5 hours.

and i'm still not done.



oh....oh oh....erection... [28 Mar 2006|08:27pm]
[ mood | tired ]

things are so very stressful now. erg. at least i went to my appt with my writing prof and she said that my paper is a little rough around the edges, but overall is a smart paper. phew. that takes a little load off. only 2 more papers to get critiqued and then lots of revising and then handing in my writing portfolio and then i'm done!

this anthro project is starting to get to me. i shouldn't be afraid to go to that cemetery by myself because it's such a nice place and nothing is going to happen, but i'm still freaked out. sheesh. what a wimp. but the project itself is so...difficult, for lack of a better word. 7 of analysis on 100 headstones, not including your statistics and graphs? eesh. yet, archaeology is still my favorite classss....

latin is getting harder by the day. fucking subjunctive. so vague and open for interpretation. ahhhhh.

classes are pretty much planned out for next year. summer classes are going to be interesting. virtual anthropology course! eek. i wonder how that's going to go. and i'm taking astronomy so i can get rid of another one of those blasted gen eds. evil.

so my tentative sched. for next year is...
CLA -275 -A ANCIENT DRAMA - MW 0300PM-0415PM
PED -180 -L TAI CHI I - MW 1000AM-1050AM

italian and latin everyday, one right after the other? that just screams mental breakdown. woot.


so very excited for my classical art/archaeology class, even though they spelled the 'archaeology' wrong in the course title. genius.

once soph year is done, no more latin! there is a God.
so hard.

wow, that's actually what i'm going to go do now. damn latin homework every day. hmm.

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blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah [21 Mar 2006|06:37am]
[ mood | insane ]

a line in my research paper states:
"Women must be subservient to the men who are controlling, testosterone-infused and utterly sexually oppressed because women hate them so much and are forming their own league to fight the men and have them as their slaves and cook them macaroni and cheese."

yeah. i think i should omit that.

i shouldn't be uppppp this early...i've been up since 4. WOOT. ugh. i need some tea or something.

i hate writing papers. every once in a while is fine, but writing 150 just makes you spit them out every week and a half to two weeks. whaaat the hellllio. erg.

i think i'm in the market for a roommate. i don't think i can live on campus with the people that i said i was going to live with. 2 of them are driving me absolutely insane, but the third one is fine. ahhhhhhhhh. i don't think i can take it. i have no idea where/who the hell i'd room with though. erg. i wish i could just get off campus. i don't want to live over in the apartments because those parties get broken up waay too much. and plus GR is interesting. it would be fun to be immersed in GRgoodness.

back to paper writing. due in a mere 6.5 hours! shite.
i've come to realize that i mostly watch movies with people that have british/western european accents. hmm.

i have all new lenses on my canon ae-1 and i loveitloveitloveitloveit. now i just need to find things to photograph. i wish i had a macro lens. i suppose i should mosey on down to gr to find things to take pictures of.

la la la

wow i relaly need to get something donnnnnnnnne

thank buddha freshman year is almost over.

onward to summer classes!



eek [14 Mar 2006|02:21pm]
yeaaaah no more clove cigarrettes...i knew they were bad for you, but after reading this, eeek.

sigh. barely two days back at school and i am uber frustrated and overwhelmed. missing a week of school reallly set me back. i have so many things to do and i don't know where to start!

grey's anatomy this week...dr. mcdreamy really keeps getting hotter, but his wife is evil! grr. and george is just being a silly bitch.

latin is a bitch. participles!!! AHHHH!! die. and the next chapter is the subjunctive...eeeeeek.
good thing i only have another year of latin.
i oddly enjoy it, though it drives me insane.

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[12 Mar 2006|12:51am]
so i'm 19?

should i be feeling better than this?

to quote the little kid inside of me
"i don't want to go to school"

i leave in a mere 10 hours.

shoot me.
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we're right here! [03 Mar 2006|09:33pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

i turn 19 in 9 days. hmm.

this band makes me smile

i'm finally feeeling better! hooray for no more 102 temperature.
so after spending a week sitting on my ass feeling completely useless, i feel like doing something constructive! but my mother won't let me. pfft. i guess i still need to get better. i hate sitting.

off to continue reading the great gatsby. again. hurrah.


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mr. wolfsheim raised his hand in a sort of benediction [02 Mar 2006|12:45am]
[ mood | sick ]

the past 8 days or so have been nothing short of interesting. the later half of the 8 days completely sucking and the beginning part rather fun.
last weds hung out with elena, olga and jessie at this insanely eclectic coffeehouse in eastown...woot morningstar 76. we sat in the large smoky room for like 3+ hours reminiscing on regina life, connecting, venting, discussing and whatnot. i haven't been able to do that in so long! no one at gv has any want to just chill in a coffeehouse and shoot the shit. sad. thursday i hung out with elena at the hookah lounge and shot the shit some more...woot. friday a group of us went ice skating downtown at rosa parks circle. very exciting! hoorah for ice skating. exhilarating. after, elena, jessie and i went to division ave. to wander around there because i heard it's a pretty artsy/interesting area. well, it was a tad shady because a homeless guy snorted at us, but we went to the daac and checked out there art exhibit there which was cool but awkward because it was dead there...then we wandered down the street some more and found RUMORS. gay club bar place. fun fun. we chilled out in there for quite awhile. interesting atmosphere. comfy couches. never have i been in the presence of a drag queen before, but i enjoyed it. kinda weird though, at the end we were standing around and these two people were like the only ones dancing and it was literally as if they were having sex with clothes on. really odd. but i'd go there again. saturday is when things pretty much went downhill...i had to get someone to take me to the clinic because i was really under the weather. i got there, they took my temp and were like, uhm, have you taken any meds today? and i was like noo and they were just like, you really should because your temp is 102. ahh. bad. so i find out i have something called lymphadenitis. erg. long story short, i came home and my fever has been a steady 102 for like 3 days. eesh. went to my normal doc and determined it's a virus, not a bacterial infection. i had to be taken off the antibiotics i was on because i had a really insane looking rash covering my face and trunk and upper extremeties. so weird. so the only meds i've been taking is ibuprofen. erg. no more fever and i'm feeling better but whenever i move i have pain shooting throughout my body. i hope that goes away soon. i like to move. oof.

i was just reading through some entries in my old lj...simpler, happier times...kind of. i don't know. the way i was writing was more intelligent and thoughtful. i feel like i've lost my essence. i don't really like who am i at the moment, and there are things back then that i didn't like either. hmm.


i'm sad i missed grey's anatomy this week...all because of being sick! ahh! it looked like a good episode too! I CAN'T BELIEVE MEREDITH SLEPT WITH GEORGE! EEk. i love george. hehe.

i can't wait to feel better. then i can start my anthro project! woot. going to the st. paul cemetery on moross and country club and doing some field work! yay. i heart archaeology.
it feels good to say, i'm going for my bachelor of arts in anthropology and minoring in the classical tradition. yay.

it does not feel good to have no direction in my life at the moment.
but right now i think i'm going to reread the great gatsby. hmm.


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carlotta! carlotta valdez... [21 Feb 2006|01:54am]
[ mood | sick ]

create your own personalized map of the USA
or check out ourCalifornia travel guide

hmm. xanga is beginning to win my heart. livejournal has become dreadfully old. hmm.

i really hate being sick and missing latin class and not being able to learn about participles.

i must go continue writing my absolutely ridiculous personal narrative on snowboarding. damn you freshman writing class!!!

19 days til i'm 19....ooooh


oh, chuck norris... [25 Jan 2006|08:41pm]
Little Miss Muffet sat on her tuffet, until Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked
her into a glacier.
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nu ma nu ma iei [23 Jan 2006|12:03am]
47 days til i'm 19?

oh canada...here i come.
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why why why why? HAVE A PARTY IN STREEET [16 Jan 2006|07:37pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i just saw a commercial for l'oreal (?) make up. some new foundation or something called INFALLIBLE. you know who else is infallible? THE POPE. i wonder who would win...the pope vs. make-up...hmm...

oi. first week of second semester done. onto the second week! today was aiiiiight. roman civ is tough, but reading the rise of rome by LIVY is rather interesting. archaeology is my new love. oooooh that class is souper.

tonight i'm doing yoga...err...up dog, down dog, strong tree, samurai stance...i can't remember. oof.

college isn't so bad. lonely at times, but i think it's the school part that makes me want to stay here. i actually have challenging AND interesting classes this semester, so i'd have to say i'm pretty content at this juncture.

i saw chronicles of narnia...oh man. so good. i heartily agree with the statement, "mr. tumnus is hot!" yesh. he really is a good looking faun. i'd do him. he's quite fuzzy. i can't believe how i kept tearing up at random intervals during the movie. it was quite emotional. i don't know if it was the movie or the little kid behind us that would say "mooooooom" and the mom would grab the popcorn bag and the kid would puke into it. not just once, nooooo, 4 TIMES. ahhh. ick. i seriously was thinking about protecting the back of my head in case of splatter. PARENTS. DON'T TAKE YOUR SICKLY CHILDREN TO 2 HOUR LONG MOVIES. OR JUST DON'T TAKE THEM OUT AT ALL. OTHER PEOPLE WILL WANT TO PUNCH YOUR CHILD FOR MAKING DISTURBING UPCHUCKING NOISES. AHHHH. oooooh ick.

blah. time for some TV and then yoga. err it's so very frigid out. i hate walking ootside. wouldn't be so horrid if it wasn't for the wind. it's fierce. eesh.


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hmm [09 Jan 2006|07:30pm]
[ mood | amused ]

back to school! not a bad first day. randomly dumb. my first two classes are taught by classics profs and they were at a conference in montreal! random. then my intro to archaeology class was sweeeet. the prof is uber cool. said he smoked some hookah when he was doing some archaeological dig in istanbul. haaaa. awesome. he's kinda cute in a weird intelligent, young professorish way. hmm.

but now i'm bored. no homework...actually, i do have homework...i just don't have the books for it...eek. ah well. i listed seven books to sell on half.com today and i've already sold one! hoorah. i bet i won't sell the others. hmm.

books are so expensive this semester. i had to get 11 books just for 1 class...and then for my archaeology class i have to get this interactive cd which seems pretty cool for 70 bucks. eek.

our fridge stinks. ick.

yay i have like a 30 pack of ramen noodles. AWESOME.

so there's 3 of us that are on this diet...it's not really a diet, we're just eating healthier. well. healthy food really sucks. seriously. i heart pasta, cookies, candy, whatever. no more of that. good thing though. we're all looking out for what we each eat. so. that's super. la la la

i'm excited for my archery class on thursday. i'm afraid i'll shoot the teacher in the ass like in 10 things i hate about you. ooh. hehe.

brokeback mountain was a gooooooooooood movie. teared up at the end. oh man. two hot guys. heath ledger + jake gyllenhaal = oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh!
woot. the movie was good in general...the man loving was a bonus. heh.

welllllllll i musht go play some nintendo...maybe i'll break out some DDR tonight. oooh.

p.s. the heat in our dorm is broken. it's like 25 degrees out. IT'S FREEZING IN HERE. fantastic.

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wake me up before you go go...damn zoolander [02 Jan 2006|04:47am]
wow. 2006. it won't be until about march or april that i will catch on writing 2006 instead of 2005...damn.

i'm looking forward to 2006. 2005...definitely the toughest year emotionally for me. lots o' things happened and it was rough.

errr. new year's eve...chilled with jennifer and jesal. jennifer made daquiris...reaaaaallly good. she made 'em with sugarfree red bull, daquiri mix, and bacardi light. mmm. we played a rousing game of clue in which i won by default because both my sister and jesal made false accusations. ha. then we played payday...and i won with $33,300. woot. heh. we had a toast of tosti sparkling wine at midnight with my parents in SOLO cups. ha. ghettto. i like the stuff, but everyone else was just like, ick. then we watched anchorman...at like 2 i went over to allie's. we watched thirteen and plaaaayed what felt like 8 hours of mario party. sheesh. crazy game. got up at 10 am...went home and my dad cooked b-fast! yum.

hmm. new yearssssssss. what have i accomplished so far? i whitened my teeth...slept for 6 hours in the middle of the day...finally started reading nabokov's lolita which i'm excited about...watched zoolander and now i feel my IQ has dropped 20 points...decided on buying this snowboard...found out i'm going to be broke broke broke...learned how to pay all my bills online...haha. boring day. tomorrow is looking a bit better because in the evening i'm going bowlllllling with rachel, katie, and possibly johnny. woooot.

i'm probably going to be up all night. not cool. i shouldn't have napped for 6 hours...err.

i have cold hands. cold heart. erm.

i neeed to find a job! i'm started to get to the point of desperation and actually ponder about working at the dreaded campus dining! EEEK.

i reallllllly want to go snoooowboaring again and aagain and againnnnnnnnnn....where is alllll the SNOW?!?!


i hope the lebaron gets fixed this week...otherwise i can't take it up to schoooool with mee. hmm. i offered to start chipping in for insurance on the car and my dad was quite ecstatic about that and responded, "how about you get your sister to do that toooo?" heh.

it's so late/early...i've taken like 5 hours to write this...diiiiiistractions everywhere!
blah i give up.
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if i move my place in line i'll lose [24 Dec 2005|11:57pm]
hmmCollapse )

err. this past week has been...erg. not great. found out some stuff that i really didn't want to and it won't stop bothering me. the holidays are hard. can't stop thinking about my grandfather and how much i miss him and how much i want to get some closure about his death. hmm. got my eyebrows randomly waxed a couple days ago. painful, but amusing. reminiscent of 40 year old virgin without the immense amount of hair. hmm. went snowboarding twice in the last weeek...now i'm addicted to it and want to go alllll the time...yesterday i went with barker and it was SHWEET. 'cept yesterday was a balmy day so the snow was melting a bit and then it froze up at night. the runs were icy so you went all crazy fast but it twas fun. except for the one bad spill i had. really bad. i hit the ice right on my tailbone and i thought i was gonna puke it hurt so bad. errrg. but i got back up and kept going! i'm getting the hang of snowboarding finally. pondering the idea of buying a snowboard after christmas...wooot.

oy. work today was borrrrring. the days leading up to christmas eve were waaay busier than today but my dad let me skip out early. that really pissed my sister off. hehe. ah well. i was hobbling around the store all day anyway because my tailbone hurt so much. eeek. my mother thinks i'm a masochist! never! pain is nothing compared to having fun. la la la.

hmm. really doesn't feel like christmas. not looking forward to hanging out with all the relatives tomorrrow. hmm. our tree is crazy extravagant. we were putting up all the ornaments that my sister and i had made when we were little and we realized what creepy little children we were. the clothespin men that we made had googly eyes or mustaches...one kinda looked like hitler...they had glitter hair...puffy paint ties...really weird. woot.

welllllllllll we're going to 7am mass...and that's in 7 hours. faaaaaaaaantastic. blah.

christmas is in like 3 minutes...so...merry christmas everrrrrrryone!
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going insane [13 Dec 2005|07:50pm]

Sexy Temptress Expertly Providing Hot Affection and Naughty, Intense Embraces
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